Pretty sure I’ve mention Valentino’s in a horoscope or two, see Aquarius 2006.

Think the place is long gone, San Marcos having been discovered, and the encroaching South Austin, or North San Antonio, never sure which.

Shakespeare The elements were thin crust pizza, substituting Ranch Dressing for a tomato-based sauce, and a liberal, and I mean liberal heaping of bacon bits, and a few sliced tomatoes.

But for years, this was a delicacy only found in San Marcos, on the square, at Valentino’s, a single store front.

Roots, original ideas? I was trying to chase down a buddy for data, and he’s currently in the “I don’t know” place.

The recipe, such as I can provide? It was simply ranch dressing, tomato slices, and bacon bits. The referenced horoscope suggested there was cheese. I don’t recall.


Valentino’s in 2002, mentioned in 2003, in 2004, “terms of service” in 2008.

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