Friend of the devil

Friend of the devil?

(Grateful Dead version)

“If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.”

For some reason, perhaps it touches me? I like that one lyric. Couple of more licks came up on the drive, too:

“When the sun comes up on a sleepy little town, down around San Antone….”

China Grove? Uno: folks in San Antonio rather dislike the name “San Antone.” Dos: San Antonio is the subject of a lot of songs.

Saw this one, then couldn’t get a decent picture, one of those RV type of truck/mobile home deals, with two surfboards tied on the back. I wonder where they were going?

A little later:
“Oh no Kramer, I’ve heard about you. Mac’s told me stories.”

(Mac, the other aura camera dude.)

Even later:
Stopped off in San Marcos, on the way home. The Coffee Pot. Free wireless, coffee. A smoking section. Civilization.

I’d called Bubba Sean as I was leaving SA, northbound on the Interstate, and I asked him what he and the little woman were up to, like, “Dude, meet me for pizza in San Marcos.”

He calls, as I’m almost getting into San Marcos, and suggests a different venue because he can’t abide tomato, bacon and ranch dressing pizza (a San Marcos/Valentino’s staple – very worth the trip). So while I was soaking up some bandwidth, waiting on Bubba and the little woman, I actually dealt with one problem, and I looked up from my coffee long enough to notice a young man with, basically, well, to me, it looked like he had a green Mohawk. Yeah. Perfectly normal.

A little later, over ribs, fish & chips, I noted that there were two young men walking out of the same bar, dressed in woodland camo outfits.

I pointed them out, Sean looks over his shoulder, and I asked, “Deer Season?”

“Yeah, deer season or members of a militia,” he dryly observed then gave a little shrug, balancing his empty palms.

Saturday night in Central Texas.

Or, as Bubba Sean is fond of saying, “Welcome to my world.”

Pat Green, Cory Morrow, doing Waylon Jennings:

“The same old tune, fiddle and guitar where do we take from here?”

Or, my favorite bit, in spirit, anyway:

“Ten years on the road, making one night stands, speeding my young life away, tell me one more time, just so I’ll understand, you sure Hank did it this way?”

“I’ve seen the world with a five piece band looking at the backside of me….”

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