Advertising and Guest Posting

Advertising and Guest Posting

Advertising and Guest Posting?

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Follow closely, you sent me an e-mail, communicated directly with me, something, and the query was about either advertising, creating/updating a hotlink, or guest posting on one — or more — of my sites — or in the media feeds.

Advertising and Guest Posting

Here’s the deal: a guest post would be welcome, but me hosting your content will cost an even $1,000 per year. Simple as that.

Have a “guest post” you’d like me to consider?

Send the article in the body of an e-mail, along with a $90 reading fee, non-refundable, to see if it really is something we can work with.

Advertising and Guest Posting

Advertising space is available, but follow closely, this not performance-based advertising. You want a link? $90 per month, should cover a horoscope or two.

$90 application fee (non-refundable), for one link in the horoscopes, for 30 days.

If you include a link for consideration, include a reading (NON-REFUNDABLE application) fee.

Advertising and Guest Posting

Everything, including the NON-REFUNDABLE application fee is covered by the terms of service.

Before submitting a payment, make sure the terms are clear. No refunds on application fees.

Please, don’t use the term “evergreen,” either.

Couple of pointers?

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