The Graph

The Graph

alt graph I use this as an example, too many times to count. It’s a simple graph. Without a label, but implied, the X-Y axises are interpolated as their usual positions, a horizontal “base” line, and 90-degree vertical line. Each is graded, or marked with measuring ticks.

So far this is nothing that isn’t seen outside of elementary math, geometry, or even the simplest of statistics.

It’s meant as a way to display data, in a most convenient form, and what it means, to me, the individual definitions vary, but the simplest way to see?

“That line going up, starts in the bottom corner? That represents (some thing, some action, a feeling, premonition, warning, or other).

“The line going down, that represents another (thing, some action, a feeling, premonition, warning, or other).

“They intersect, right where we’re at.”


The Graph

Simplistic, and yet, it explains so much.

I use it, a great deal, in various explanations. “Desire,” along one axis, and “availability” along the other. Want to wind up at the crossing point.

“Cost” along one axis, and “need” along the other. The magic price point? Right int he middle — where to two lines intersect.

Over and over, it’s such a simple way, and yet, with the work I do, the planets and their influences, there’s always the graph.


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