Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up

Now streaming, after a limited theatrical release? I’m vague on those details.

But in part, just as the opening credits rolled for the show, “Don’t Look Up?” I had a twinge of Dr. Strangelove. Visually similar, maybe? An homage, a tick, maybe just me seeing it incorrectly.

So this triggered a nasty sense of humor, cowering behind over-the-top performances by superstars, lavish sets, and just a touch of the classics.

I rarely mention stars’ names, but Mark Rylance, reprising in his role as Shakespeare’s Richard the Second, that was an unexpected nod.

Some have been critical of the movie’s extended misuse of satire, irony, and similar misdirections, but to me? Fun.

Funny as hell.

One purpose of art, say, like a movie? One purpose of art is to reflect a version of ourselves. It isn’t very flattering, but maybe rather accurate.

Don’t Look Up


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