San Fernando

Mercury Retrograde.

San Fernando

MercRXMercury Retrograde? I was flipping through older posts. One I stumbled across, San Fernando in the morning — just a phone image, I’m guessing, of the downtown cathedral that is the spiritual (and otherwise) center of Bexar County. As such, it is still a functioning parish, and it is a historical complex, parts the church dating to Canary Island immigrants in 1720.

I don’t have any recent images of the downtown area, having long since decamped for calmer suburban climes. Quieter in the burbs.

Mercury in apparent retrograde fashion, though, what that means? Looking and seeing where we were, at one time, helps point to where we can go. Bonus, as a moment of reflection. Which is what the picture was a moment of reflection, that recollection of pre-dawn hours when downtown was sullen and silent, with detritus of some celebration, trash, skittering in the cold streets.

The sole human traffic, the one guard at the office building, watching the trash trucks beep in and empty dumpsters.

Situations change, people age, and it’s another Mercury Retrograde.

San Fernando

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