Do as I say

Not as I do

MercRXAustin, TX: I’m a big fan of indigenous coffee places. The local, mom & pop stores, where the beverages are a labor of love, not a required drink. Towards that end, I was in Austin, for work. I’ve been working weekends — and odd Tuesdays — for most near 30 years or more.

Memories run deep.

That would be about a hundred Mercury in Retrograde periods?

What to do. What not do. What I did?

Sunday morning, Austin, cool winter morning, and on my way to work I stopped at a Starbucks. Pulling in, I noticed the ‘drive-thru’ line looked to be ten cars long, and I wanted to avoid that. Not out of impatience, but more to my own amusement.

I stepped quickly from the truck’s tiny cabin to front door, dashing between two impatient Starbucks customers, as they were fiddling with the knobs on their cars’ dashes, and more to my loss? Not a one looked up and locked the car door as I approached.

This was by the old NorthCross mall, now a wal-marts, kind of across the street.

So I’m not a scary-looking person in tawny North Austin, super-gentrified neighborhoods anymore. Way it goes. Approaching the sidewalk entrance, there was a cone, street marker, and taped on it was a letter-sized piece of paper, with a long notice about someone who didn’t show up for work, and the store was short-staffed, so the lobby was not open, and please use the drive-thru.

The exact same note was taped inside the glass front door, facing out. It was before the show, so it was easily before 11 AM. Peering in, the interior, except behind the coffee bar, was dark.

Venus started a retrograde pattern at 26° Capricorn December 19, 2021 and Venus will remain retrograde, turning direct January 28, 2022 at 11° Cap. Mercury goes retrograde January 14 to February 3, 2022, starting at early Aquarius and slinking back into the last few degrees of Capricorn. The Mercury Retrograde stops where the Venus Retrograde started, creating an extended dance mix version of this dualistic “inner-planet” pattern.

I reached out and tried pulling open the door, anyway, just a half-assed attempt, you know, make sure it was really not open. Door didn’t budge.

Listed in a horoscope (Scorpio) someplace, I recall observing this exact same behavior pattern, where someone reads the sign, “Please use other door,” or “closed,” and I pointed out, observed, everyone seems to try the door, just to be sure. I think I noted that it was wasted motion, when I was the observer but when I was faced with a “closed” sign, I had to rattle the door, just once, you know, make sure.

As I was reaching towards the door, I thought about this behavior, and I remembered how I mocked other people for doing exactly what I was doing.

Do as I say,
not as I do?

Kind of an obvious one, to me, the signs, the portents, the indications all point in one direction. The label clearly indicates a certain warning or a particular disposition. Like a door’s sign that says, “Closed.”

Looking at the planets, looking at how this all forms a simple pattern? Simply put? Read the sign.

Another way to say it?

Do as I say,
not as I do.

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