from 2 Henry 6

2 Henry 6

“Long sitting to determine poor men’s causes
Hath made me full of sickness and diseases.”

Lord Say in Shakespeare’s 2 Henry 6 (IV.vii45-6)

2 Henry 6

The Henry 6 plays, parts 1, 2, & 3? Early 1590, purportedly part of Shakespeare’s canon, and usually included, with current scholarship suggesting Shakespeare’s hand was in on the re-writes, and there are passages that bear his unmistakable wordsmith wordplay.

The other evening, I was searching for something else, and that scene popped up again. Looking through it, a rabid, rabble crowd, inspired by charismatic leader who picks on the even-handed attempts at governance?

2 Henry 6

Seriously, can’t reduce a complex question like the play’s historical meaning into a single sound-bite, or a quick quip. Same with the news, huh.

2 Henry 6 (IV.vii45-6)

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