Dragons and Wallets

Dragons and Wallets

As I’ve noted in numerous forums, “First worship the old gods as custom decrees,” attributed in my material as the first of Pythagorus’s golden theorems.

Been a few years, mostly pre-pandemic, I think. One of my feng-shui buddies assured me, to be prosperous in the Chinese New Year, buy a new wallet. As an associated thread to that, a new wallet, every year, to coincide with that Chinese New Year? Wallet should be red or variations.

I’m not much on the feng-shui material, although, to this day, I still carry some of the coins tied together with a red thread as a symbolic way to pull it all together. Can’t hurt. I tend to think of it as a good luck charm in work and play travel gear.

So the idea was to get a new red wallet every year.

Then, some years ago, I stumbled into a different kind of wallet and wallet material, the Recycled Fire Hose from the Recycled Firefighter.

The backstory and material itself is fascinating, but in use? It really is lifetime kind of piece of equipment. I’ve used one for several years, and while the design took a little getting used, it performs flawlessly.

Dragons and Wallets

The design is a simple piece of fabric, retired fire hose, I chose red, folded over with pockets for cards inside and piece of elastic to tuck in cash, outside.

It’s stupid simple. A real no-brainer.

I was so impressed, on a whim, there was a sale on the minimalist wallets, nothing more than a card pocket, and I’ve got a couple of those, strategically stashed with business cards and such, just because it’s such a comfortable design, if a little too minimalist for my current needs. Just need cash, a single credit/debit card, a gas card, and coffee card. Driver’s license. It’s simple, fits a front pocket, and all just works.

But that’s sad, too, as I don’t want, or need, to get a new wallet every year.

Think it had a lifetime guarantee, but I do’t recall, for sure.

Dragons and Wallets

Year of the Dragon starts 2/10/24, Recycled Firefighter wallets.

  • : iPad Pro (11-inch)
  • : 24 November, 2023
  • : no
  • : 3mm
  • : 64
  • : 1/60s

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