First off, see Sagittarius. To cover a topic?


It’s a personal thing, maybe because I dated too many Virgo. That might be it. There was, at one time, many years ago, a young woman from the catholic school, might be it, too. Slim, pretty, brunette, perhaps that’s the source. Or that first real librarian when I was only in second grade, who knows? Fall in love the library, and I think the late Jimmy Buffett sings about that.


What bothers me, in my mind, I’ve turned the idea of a librarian into a fetishized expression. The hair in a bun, a library skirt, everything tightly corseted, and the hair back with a pencil as a holder, tying it all up?

I never said I was right in the mind. See one of my favors Allen Ginsberg quotes for that. But moving along? Librarians remind of libraries. Books.


cool of books

What echoes through my mind? A line from William Carlos William.

“A cool of books
will sometimes lead the mind to libraries
of a hot afternoon, if books can be found
cool to the sense to lead the mind away.”

(“Paterson,” William Carlos Williams, #3 The Library.)

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