Subjective and Objective

Subjective and Objective

First thing, hit the dictionary subjective is based on a feeling then objective is not based on a feeling.


So the question came up, about truth, and what is the truth? In my mind, I hold subjective truth and objective truth as similar, and frequently, within my work, the same. However, I also have enough of a scientific background, technical in detail, that I can delineate the difference between my subjective truth and my objective truth.

“I feel like you’re right, Kramer..”

  • But does that make me factually right, too?

All depends.

While this is really a simple definition, it would make the current news a lot more palatable if folks would learn the distinctions.

Subjective is based on feeling, tastes, intuitions — real or imagined.

Objective is based on observable, quantifiable shared experience (fact).

Dear, sweet lord, you got to get this from an English major?

Subjective and Objective

As Hamlet points out, and this is the third time I’ve committed this to print, “Noting’s good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Nothing Good or Bad

Nothing Good or Bad


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