Big Lizard in my Backyard

And no one caught mentioned the musical allusion?

Big Lizard in my Backyard?

You would think, with the obvious ties to my Texas —

That image was captured a few days before Xmas, and that very evening, the balmy temperature turned cold as we all got that icy arctic blast.

Big Lizard – The Dead Milkmen

Two days later, that houseplant, which was treated like an outdoor plant and survived for years as such, was dead. So much for plants that claim to be frost-tolerant.

Pretty sure I’ll see that lizard or his offspring in the coming year. No shortage of bugs back there.

Sing along if you know the tune, “There’s a big lizard in my backyard…”

In — San Antoniothis weekend, see listing for details.

Big Lizard – The Dead Milkmen

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