Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Kramer Wetzel, author of the horoscopes called “Fishing Guide to the Stars.”

While the nascent idea was conceived in North Texas, in the creative cauldron of South Austin’s Shady Acres Trailer Park, the concept become fully fleshed out.

As a horoscope column, it’s been online since 1993, and weekly from 1995. In Internet Years, that’s more than a century.

Trying to write an Excutive Summary? Might not happen.

Excutive Summary

If an Excutive summary is very short introduction to the material, then what is astrofish.net all about?

Structured as Horoscopes for all 12 signs of the zodiac, the weekly column is personal, cultural, and business advice based on the locations of the planets.

That was simple.

Excutive Summary

ASTROFISH.NET is a study in opposites. With a strictly academic interest in literature, combined with some old-fashioned redneck know-how, and an homage to old Austin with its liberal leanings, astrofish.net is a colorful mix of old wisdom and new age, sprinkled with humor, whenever possble.

Excutive Summary

For less than a caffeinated beverage at a chain store, the weekly horoscopes endeavor to provide insight based on the currents in the astrological weather.

Good image from the archives.

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