Mercury Retrograde Rituals

Mercury Retrograde Rituals

Are there rituals that can cure the effects of Mercury in apparent Retrograde motion?

The Portable Mercury Retrograde

There are.

While this isn’t a totally complete set, I’ve got a visual on three things that work.

Ritual tools

Mercury Retrograde Rituals

The first is a notion, the candles. Dates back to my earliest, formative years in that cheap, cold water, bedsit in tawdry East Austin. An apartment in the student barrio, as it were. The local HEB, East Riverside and Pleasant Valley, the store carried an extensive collection of “religious” candles, and I developed the habit of leaving one lit, on the breakfast table. Sort of an altar, to some.

By the time I translated to a trailer park in South Austin, I was in the habit of leaving a candle going, various saints for whatever reasons. Really, I frequently paid no attention to the saints, other than to avoid St. Jude (patron of lost causes).

The coffee cup is really a demitasse out of a set that was a gift from an old girlfriend. She assured me that the set was under five bucks, so the four “Turkish” coffee cups, with saucers, so about a buck each. No loss if damaged, which, despite the delicate porcelain feel, that set withstood moves, earthquakes, tornados, and violent ex-girlfriends. The set is still intact. Think: small espresso cup.

The first part of the Mercury Retrograde Ritual is simple. Coffee. Strong, bitter coffee from an espresso cup. Tiny cups. The alternative? “Americano” (Tall). There’s always a speed-dating substitutions.

The first part of my “Mercury Retrograde Rituals” includes coffee. I prefer Italian Roast, fresh ground, French Press for serving. Strong, acrid brew with robust, full-flavor from the triple roast. French roast is reasonable, more available, solution. Any coffee works, just some taste better to me.

As part of the ritual, brewing a small cup of coffee, like a French press that makes a single, 8-ounce cup of coffee? That’s like three of those demitasse cups. Goes further. Walking back and forth to the kitchen, to refill the cup? Part of the ritual.

The next part, the candles, those in the image are perfect.

I first picked up the “Reversing” candles, starting many years ago. The other one, Santa Muertos, that’s more recent.

The candles work, perhaps as sympathetic magic, but still, anything that works?

The Santa Muerta figure, I’m still trying to dig out the image, a pair of the candles, one black with white letters and icon, the other white with black lettering, perfect bookend images, candles I’ve long since burned. Protection in the borderlands.

There are two candles that make up this Mercury Retrograde Ritual. The first is the Reversing Candle. Catch them on sale at the Dollar Store, or the HEB in old East Austin. Or South Austin — Oltorf & South Congress.

The wording, prayer, mantra? On the side of the candle is about reversing negative energy. Supposedly, it’s for reversing a spell. Reverse that negative energy? Reverse the negative aspects of the rearguard mercurial mayhem.

When the candle is burned out? Fire up the next one, the protection from Santa Muerto.

The specter of death, a new icon from the New World? It’s localized, but the candle makers, along with other healers, no one wasted time in getting these items into production. Available in grocery stores every where, I’d guess.

The tiny cups of coffee, every morning, looking at the candle’s flame, remembering that Mercury Is Retrograde. The protection candle? It’s supposed to protect from other peoples’ (Mercury-inspired) stupidity.

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