Beer story

Original source, Scott (TFG): It’s about a beer swilling bear. At first.

I shot the link over to a cousin, and we both agreed that the beer was wimp for only downing 36 cans of beer.

> You wrote:
>>> 36 aint bad, depending on how big the bear was.
>> Well, he skipped the Busch and went for the Rainer Ale, can’t be a dumb bear.
> That was our class beer in high school (“Vitamin R”).
> He is obviously a class bear.

Busy schedule
I’m off to the airport, and from thence to El Paso, for a weekend of work. Sort of strange a day spent traveling is like, the lightest day of the week. I’ve had a busy schedule full of consultations, which, of course, interferes with my laid-back lifestyle. Not that I’m complaining, either.

If I’d only heard this once, then I’d dismiss it as an anomaly, but what I’ve heard a couple of times over the last few days? I can’t quote the words exactly, but the concept is that a client goes and sees (big-name astrologer/psychic who charges a bucketful of money) and gets nothing. I’m sort of stuck, see, with astrology, there’s the science part – where the planets are – and then there’s the art part – what those symbols mean.

The position of the planets is science. The interpretation is conjecture, intuition, or, in my case, a lot of observed behavior correlated to those planets and their positions. Plus a dose of “art” for the sake of the interpretation.

“More matter with less art” (Hamlet’s Mom to Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

What seemed to be lacking, though from the big-names? Compassion. There was compassion the first time, but in subsequent visits, there was a lack of compassion. These are people, not machines. People make choices. On some occasions, we all make ill-advised decisions. Imagine that.

Those of us who live in houses with a lot of windows? I’ve learned not to throw big, heavy objects – I’d hate to shatter the semi-permeable membrane I’m wrapped in. don’t want to be stuck there, nekkid for the world to see. Well, maybe that wouldn’t bother me too much, but I’m sure it would upset some of the neighbors.

What struck me, hearing several times in two days, was the basic lack of compassion from folks who supposedly spend a lot of time dealing with people.

Now, granted, the world would be a much better place is everyone did what I told them to do. The first time. But the world doesn’t work like that.

In the words of Will Rogers, that great man from Oklahoma:
“There are three kinds of men – the ones that learn by reading – the few who learn by observation and the rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”

I wonder if my compassion, especially recently, I’m wondering, does that come from the fact that I wasn’t sure this thing was electric?

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