Ever see Dallas

Ever see Dallas

Dallas and Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Got a one way ticket to midnight

So weird, waiting on a ride to the airport, Joe Ely’s version of that song was on the radio….

Cops – in Austin, an ambulance was at the Southwest outside baggage check. I scooted around and pretended I was going to fly American, just to make it easier. Plan worked, I avoided the crowds while they wheeled out some rock star who fainted from “exhaustion.” The plane I was supposed to get on? It got held up while some rowdy passenger was escorted off the plane by two more police officers. Always comes in sets of three. At the airport in Dallas. Just weird, how it goes. There was a guy giving a little too much grief to the cops, and he was getting a little more than a ticket. Because the ticket was something about obstructing traffic, a fire truck had to show up, too.

Really nice thing about all of those cops, and other uniformed peace officers? Not a one of them was the least bit interested in me.

Looks like Mr. Mars and Old Man Uranus are starting to go their separate ways. How nice.

Plan one: train to and from Dallas. Advantages? Cheap. Disadvantage? Takes a while. Plan 2, fly to Dallas, drive back with Ma Wetzel. Her station wagon, according to her mechanic, won’t make the trip. Plan Three, fly back, Sunday night. Plan 4, fly back Monday. Plan five, train back Monday.

For the parental units:

“Care is no cure but rather corrosive,
For things that not to be remedied.”
Henry VI Part Uno, III.iii.3-4

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