Week of July 16 - 22:

Aries: Well, now, it sure feels like some person came along and stepped on your tail, now doesn't it? While everyone else is sweating it out in the summer heat, you are getting rained on. Sorry about that. And, I don't mean to dampen your enthusiasm, either, but watch your step. Strange things are afoot for you.

Taurus:Crank up the energy which you are letting flow into your verbosity generator and let the mellifluous flow come spewing forth. In other words, let your mouth form good words towards good deeds. The summer is a time of action, not just rest.

Gemini: Things really should be settling down about now. Really. Trust me. In fact, this is a good week to get yourself down to the bookstore and pick up some more summer reading. Try a little self-help title, something along the lines of The Tao of Pooh. That, more than anything, might illuminate your WAY for the next couple of weeks. I just never did understand why that book was always in the humor section--it should be classified as religion.

Cancer: Avoid foot and mouth disease as much as possible.. Not this week, but next week, you are going to discover a silver tongue for a short while. Use it wisely or face the truth and consequences latter. Especially if you live in New Mexico. Bubba [Bubba is a Cancer]: That new relationship you are angling for ought to get off to a darn good start. Cancer Birthdays are usually good. But be careful: in Vedic (Hindu) Astrology, this is a BAD time for you. Take your pick: them or me. I say you get lucky this week. But then, you're an editor, it's only fair for me to say good things about you.

Leo: I keep singing a the same old song about Leo and romance, and that tune hasn't changed. The celestial music of the spheres indicates you should be happily entwined with a Significant Other who adores you, as it should be. Not involved? Then don't miss any parties on the party barge at the lake.

Virgo: Good luck still seems to be evading your grasp, but you dependable Virgo types know that luck is merely a sexist construct from a previous time. As Mars departs your sign, you will find that the dust will finally get a chance to settle so you can clean it up.

Just remember, as you move forward, it was me who told you to be careful last month. That warning stays in effect until the end of this week. Be wary of brash decisions.

Libra: End of the week, and HEEEERRE'S Mars! The Little Red One comes along at the end of the week to bring a fiery energy to your life. Just about the time Mars crosses that line, you will feel a new-found reserve of energy. That's when life gets better. Just watch your driving.

Scorpio: So far, all the Scorpio's I've had daily contact with are complaining bitterly about the state of the their collective treatment received from the Universe, the World in General, and just about every other person.

Get over it.

That last suggestion will not win me any new friends, but perhaps it is the sentiment of every one else when you poor, much-maligned Scorpio's turn up the heat on the whining.

It's the summer time, go have some fun. And began making plans to strike it rich in a big way--later.

Sag: Lady Luck (sexist concept) is still beaming brightly, but her image is a bit tarnished. If that sounds like a rerun, it is. It also just about covers everything that you Lucky Archers need to know this week.

Be wary of deals which appear to be too good to be true. Want to make a small wager that these deals are just that? Too good to be true?

Cap: You've still enjoying all the whims of the Universe pushing and pulling on you right now. And there's still nothing that any other sign can do to make you feel any better about what is going on in your life. So be it.

Cappy's are traditionally duty-bound creatures, but if that were truly the case, you wouldn't be wasting any of your time surfing the net and looking at astrology. So obviously something is seriously amiss here. Must be us.

Aquarius: Look here, you Black Leather jacket types, it's time for you to get off you backside and get out some more. Like, you really don't appreciate it when I lecture to you in this fashion, but the summer doldrums have got you down. And it also seems like the Fire signs have all be a little too combative lately. Get over it and get on with the summer time fun.
Pisces: The better news to start off with is the fact that mean old Mr. Mars moves out of your way, a lot of the stubborn and headstrong people you have been running into, I hope not literally, should be over with. And the other stuff? Feeling a bit over-emotional these days? Relax, it's the summer time; find yourself a long, cool drink and relax. It just doesn't get any better than this. Ha.

Copyright 1995 Kramer Wetzel