• Cycle: 28-30 years
  • Saturn rules: Capricorn
  • Keyword: duty
  • Glyph: the Sickle of Chronos, old man time himself

    Saturn is often called "The Lord of Karma." It represents areas of your greatest restrictions or limitations. These areas involve your actions and reactions, values, material assets, knowledge, communication, love, and so on. Saturn indicates the lessons you must learn in life, and the conflict you may have between reality and your perception of it. It does not deny or lessen the positive forces you have of imagination, inspiration, spirituality, and romance, but it demands that you give these things structure and meaning. Or it can demand that you lop off someone's head. See what we mean? The glyph, the astrological shorthand symbol, for Saturn is the Scythe or Sickle of Chronos, who is none other than old Fate himself. In the modern day, this is seen as the old man with the sickle at the end of the year. With his sickle, he cuts down that which is not growing, in order to make way for the new. Sounds like a male version of Fate.

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