Subject: Bubba notes

So there we were, three women and myself, after working at a Psychic Fair in Midland, Texas, and we stopped at a Seven Eleven. This, by the way, is definitely not a product endorsement of any kind. It just happened to a be a conveniently located store. All I wanted was some Artesia Water, naturally carbonated, or maybe, if nothing else, some Perrier. In Midland? No such luck.

The person behind the counter, a young woman from Fort Worth, was much taken aback by the fact that I had two earrings in one side. Or perhaps it was some of the other jewelry I wear on fair days, like a big seven-pointed star on a chain around my neck. Whatever it was, she did notice me. In fact, with my hair down, she was much confused by me. And she let me know.

"Two earrings? blah blah blah....." (All in a distinct West Texas drawl.) Now, I was tired, satiated from just having a fill of Mexican food and returning to the motel for some much needed rest. I did my very best to entreat and humor this poor lass from Midland or Fort Worth or wherever, by reminding her that I was "sweet, innocent, and delicate, and wishing good for all mankind." Such talk was none too welcome on Saturday night in the Permian Basin. No Artesia Water, no Perrier, just a couple of lottery tickets. As some of my companions were ahead of me in line, the girl behind the counter asked if we were all together.

"Who us?"

"Yeah, you two, you, and old 'delicate' over there. You all together?"

True to form, none of my companions would claim me. Seems like I had too many earrings. As far as I was concerned, I was formally attired by Austin standards: sandals, nearly intact shirt, shorts. I mean, I was wearing something! I wouldn't really complain about this except that, where I'm from, unless one's nose is pierced, perhaps an eyebrow and chin, or other parts (too painful to mention), one doesn't really stand out. Of course, the geographical difference accounts for the somewhat provincial attitude I encountered. I hope that explains it all.

So. My new name is "Delicate," thanks to some girl behind the counter in Midland.


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