Austin: Top Ten
an experiential guide — 1999 version

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It was T. S. Eliot who might have measured his life by the coffee spoon, but here in Austin, I tend to use a different measure. I'm often asked for a list of place to visit while entertaining visitors. What places are important, what's a sight that really should be seen, and so forth. It's hard to be tourist in my own town, but I can hit a few highlights. It's my version of Austin, Texas.

I've long since had a taste for the strange, the different, and the slightly offbeat. These guidelines should reveal what I think is important in town. It's entirely subjective. I won't claim any objectivity at all. Where's the fun in that?

I should point out that it's possible to hit Amy's, Sparks, Waterloo and Book People, all in one stop. Same for Maudie's, New Age Books and Big Bertha. Bookstore, food, shopping. I wonder if there is a pattern here.

Kramer’s “Top Ten” of Austin List:

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Other Austin perennial favorites: